Newsletter March-April 2017

Posted on: September 21, 2017
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Message from our CEO

Stop for the One

Recently we have had our biggest gathering of over 180 people joining us at our weekly Sunday afternoon meeting. This may seem overwhelming to you, however we see these individuals as more than just numbers. They are someone’s daughter, father, sister, brother, mother or son.

Over the Easter period we have been conducting individual interviews during the week days with our candidates. This is to see how we can assist them to integrate back into society on a sustainable level. Through these sessions, we can hear each individual’s story, be it one of heart ache, unfortunate circumstances or poor decision making. The wonderful part of these interviews is hearing the level of hope and aspirations each of these individuals have. We are given the gift of being part of their story, their desire to reconnect with family, to have a better life and much more.

We had a wonderful testimony of one of the individuals whom we have assisted off the streets and is now currently employed in a great job. He thanked us and stated “ right now you guys are the only family I have”. This is a continuous reminder that we do what we do for the one…… and then the next one.

Stop for the one, you can make more of an impact then you think!



On Saturday, the 1st of April, 7 gentleman attended the Business Experience Training Course in partnership with Paradigm Shift, at the Grace Family Church in Riverside.

‘Paradigm Shift’ is a business training course focused on creating an opportunity for small business entrepreneurs to grow their business. Ultimately the goal is to see entrepreneurs grow in their relationship with Christ and better serve their families whilst providing a long-term solution to poverty around them.
These gentleman successfully finished the training programme and although they don’t have businesses of their own YET, they have acquired vital business knowledge that will assist them in any future jobs or entrepreneurial ventures.

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