March 2018 Newsletter

Posted on: May 6, 2018
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The Good news is – We are moving forward!

We are seeing more fruit in being more focused on individual candidates. We are seeing more success in individuals being sponsored and getting the correct skills development and integrating into jobs and moving into their own basic accommodation. The Wellness Centre Trust supports them in many ways especially during the first month of employment. We ensure they have clothes, food and a roof over their head. This is to ensure that they can be at work on time looking respectable and not hungry. Once they receive their first pay check we still mentor our candidates on budgeting and get updates on their progress. This is all part of being their family to them and helping them in their transition into society.

Here is one of our most recent testimonies. Please note the grammar has not been edited as I did not want to change his testimony in any way.

I Philani Trevor testify that I’d been helped by The Wellness Centre trust, Grace Family Church and Grace Aid by getting me a job.
Firstly in May 2017, I met a guy called Maxwell who told me about The Wellness Centre. They were helping him with an identity document. Then Maxwell introduced me. I was welcomed by the family of Wellness Centre with warm hands and it is where miracles begin. They took all my details.
Secondly they told me about their mission to the people that they help, by ID documents, grants and even job opportunities. I registered my name and also gave them my C.V. I also registered for the Life skills course. First I attended the three days bible study. They got me a job in a company in Merebank. I am currently employed there. They didn’t stop there, they also provided me with the bus fare for the first month. They also helped with the first month’s accommodation because I was sharing a shack (room) with four other guys. They also provided me with a bed, groceries and the need for a room. They also visited me at my work to check whether everything is alright, how things are going as the member of the family.
I thank Wellness Centre together with Grace Family Church and Grace Aid for helping me. I wish God to provide them with many blessings. I also wish them all the good and they must not stop helping the poor people who are in need of help because they are changing, also healing people’s lives physically and spiritually. Thanks so much for your consideration.
I wish you all the best as the member of the family.

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