October 2018 Newsletter

Posted on: October 31, 2018
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We have moved!

The Wellness Centre trust is expanding & we are thrilled to be able to help the homeless and destitute better!

We have moved to a much bigger premises that is going to allow us to expand our efforts even further, continuing to display our vision through the work that we do. We would like to thank every person that has assisted the cause through the years. I truly believe this expansion is partly because of teamwork but has ultimately been allowed by the Grace of God. We are truly amazed at what God has done for The Wellness Centre Trust and the homeless being assisted.

This new development has already allowed us to get busy with a new sewing contract. This is in partnership with Grace Aid and our candidates receive an income while they sew orders under the mentorship of the Wellness Centre at the same time. Our candidates are generating an income while also having sessions on budgeting their finances and other essential life skills to help them further themselves for a better future.

We would also like to announce that our sewing team is available for any orders and alterations from the public, no matter the size.


We have also begun our cooking classes with our in house Chef Debbie Wareham. We are grooming these candidates to be able to sell ready-made meals to generate an income for themselves and their families. Last week I had a session with a group of candidates on “Vision” and how powerful it is to have a vision in your life. This helps our candidates with direction and reaching their goals and dreams.

We are so excited to be able to develop a community of encouragement, support, friendship and family.

Our new Full Time Social Worker, Promise.


This new expansion has allowed us to hire Promise as our social worker full time. She will continue to fulfill duties as a social worker for us while also facilitating skills development at The Wellness Centre Trust

Here are some words from Promise herself, regarding the time she has spent with The Wellness Centre Trust.

Being a part of The Wellness Center Trust family has opened my eyes and allowed me to see the reality of life. Working with people with the aim being to change their lives is what keeps me going. After completing my degree in social work I realized that even though there is a high rate of unemployment, I could still pursue my passion in assisting the community. I then decided to volunteer my time to help the people in need, since I am passion driven. I then began volunteering in January 2018 not knowing that what I was doing was a blessing from God, leading me to become a part of the The Wellness Centre Trust family full time.

Update from Comfort and his new job.


When Comfort joined us he had been living on the streets since 2014. His mother passed away in 2007 and he never met his father. He dropped out of school at grade 11 because there was no support.

Comfort started coming to us some time ago and we were able to assist him getting his I.D. as well as enrolling him in a welding course thanks to some wonderful sponsors.

Since then, he has gained employment in construction at the Durban Waterfront, with accommodation and meals included.

We would like to thank the following wonderful people for their help: Natasha Lynn Bame, Yianoula Zervogiannis, Sharon Goulding, Jade Vening, Floortje Vening, Monica Keamogetswe, Peter Muller, Danielle Puma, Vee, Niels Vening, Pieter Vening and Susanne Uhl.

Get Involved with The Wellness Centre Trust

get involved

Become involved with The Wellness Centre Trust and contribute towards assisting homeless individuals rebuild their life. This can be done through donations, sponsorships, volunteering or fundraising an event.

Visit our Get Involved page to learn more.

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