About The Wellness Centre Trust

The Wellness Centre Trust was established in 2014, when Founder and Director Eloise Briggeman became aware of the dire circumstances of the unemployed, homeless people in the communities of Durban and surrounding areas.

Our Mission

Our Vision is to give every homeless and destitute person a second chance in life. Our objective is to ensure that we decrease the number of homeless and destitute people living on the streets in Durban.

The Wellness Centre Trust is uniquely positioned to provide the required interventions.

Our Objectives

To create a sense of identity and encourage destitute people to make smarter decisions through emotional support and counselling.

To improve the social and life skills of these people and enable them to earn an income from manufacturing and crafting goods to sell at markets.

To increase the employability of homeless people and enhance their quality of life by developing them into accountable and responsible employees or entrepreneurs.

Who we are

Eloise Briggeman- Founder and CEO

Eloise Briggeman

Founder and CEO

Eloise Briggeman founded The Wellness Centre Trust in 2014.  Eloise is a born-and-bred Durbanite and living with her husband and two children. She enjoys running, swimming and keeping fit, but more importantly she is very family orientated and loves being with her children and husband. They run their own business and all play an important role in The Wellness Centre Trust. Part of her passion is to make a significant difference in the lives of the poor and destitute. Equipping and empowering people in order for them to be able to generate a suitable income. In doing so they can sustain themselves and their families.


Edwin Briggeman


Volunteer – Edwin is a successful businessman and family man. He volunteers his time in mentoring the candidates with business mentoring. Edwin also enjoys family activities with Eloise and their two children as well as gardening and running. He describes himself to be fun, fair and bold and is invested in The Wellness Centre Trust because he believes everyone deserves a second chance in life and loves to see hope restored.


Janet Ross

Trustee and Volunteer

Janet Ross is a married women with two sons, aged 19 and 16 years old. She works full-time for an insurance broker and has lived in Durban her entire life. Janet believes that all people are in need of God’s love especially those that have been marginalized by an unjust system. It is her desire to show Christ’s Love to the homeless people in Durban. She is involved with the weekly gatherings and also assists the CEO with the various programme services.

Frank 2

Franck Kiala

Project Manager

Franck has a passion for making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged people. He works tirelessly to bring hope and support to the destitute homeless people we serve. Franck is a humble, caring and polite family man and enjoys spending time with his family as well as reading in his spare time.


Rhanda Clarke

Social Media Manager

Rhanda Clarke, originally from the Netherlands, moved to South Africa for her husband. They have two sons, aged 1 and 3 years old. She works as a freelance translator and runs an online secondhand store. She enjoys an active lifestyle, loves to travel and spending time with her family.

Rhanda believes everyone can make a difference in the world by simple acts of kindness. She has volunteered in several countries around the world, trying to help those that are less fortunate. Rhanda coordinates the social media of TWCT on Facebook and Instagram.

Caress 2021

Caress Govender

Trustee & Volunteer 

Caress Govender. Trustee of The Wellness Centre Trust and a volunteer. I am a wife and mother, I love Jesus and my motto has always been Loving God, Loving others/ Serving God, Serving others.  I am passionate about empowering and mentoring women.


Impact the life of a homeless member of society by providing them with a donation. All funds gathered through donations go directly to rebuilding members of the community.


Volunteers become ambassadors for The Wellness Centre Trust and are able to be a part of the process of integrating the homeless into society on a sustainable level.


Sponsor one of our beneficiaries and support him or her in their journey to success through financial sponsorship, mentorship or employment opportunities.