Assisting homeless and destitute people to develop into contributing members of society

Our Vision

To give every homeless and destitute person a second chance in life. Our objective is to ensure that we decrease the number of homeless and destitute people living on the streets in Durban.

According to the Human Sciences Research Council’s (HSRC) survey done in 2016, there are approximately 4000 homeless people living in Durban. We want to assist these individuals in becoming contributing members of society.

Our Solution

We evaluate each person’s situation with numerous interviews and find out about their past, current situation and start working towards a plan for their future. During this process mentorship is key, as we aim to upskill them based on their ability and assist them with job opportunities. We guide each individual in becoming financially sustainable members of society. We also ensure that accommodation is acquired and follow up continuously to continue our mentorship.

Our Impact

We believe that we can ensure that the cycle of poverty is broken and their children can enjoy a family with a hope and a future, with the ability to make better choices. Through the restoration of family values and implementation of skills development courses, unemployed and uneducated people are enabled to earn an income and provide for themselves to become contributing members of the community.


There is an estimated 4 000 homeless and destitute people on the streets of Durban and statistics reflect that 87% of these are black of with 88% male. The main reason why many homeless and destitute end up on the streets is their constant search for employment. Our efforts have allowed us to assist many individuals and families. Through this, we have positively influenced the lives of thousands.

Lives Impacted to date
ID’s distributed to date

Skills Development Programs


Meals provided to date


Impact the life of a homeless member of society by providing them with a donation. All funds gathered through donations go directly to rebuilding members of the community.


Volunteers become ambassadors for The Wellness Centre Trust and are able to be a part of the process of integrating the homeless into society on a sustainable level.


Sponsor one of our beneficiaries and support him or her in their journey to success through financial sponsorship, mentorship or employment opportunities.


Nominate The Wellness Centre Trust as the beneficiary for any fundraising event or corporate golf day and receive all the benefits listed under financial Donations.