Nominate The Wellness Centre Trust as the beneficiary for any fundraising event or corporate golf day and receive all the benefits listed under financial Donations.

Host a fundraising event

An amazing opportunity to get your network involved is to host a fundraising event. Proceeds can be used to donate to The Wellness Centre Trust or to sponsor one ore more of our beneficiaries.

Please contact us for our media pack so you can use our logo and any digital assets you may need.

Fundraising Information Form

Please enter your details and we will make contact with you. Photos of your event will go out on our Social Media and newsletter. Thank you!


    Impact the life of a homeless member of society by providing them with a donation. All funds gathered through donations go directly to rebuilding members of the community.


    Volunteers become ambassadors for The Wellness Centre Trust and are able to be a part of the process of integrating the homeless into society on a sustainable level.


    Sponsor one of our beneficiaries and support him or her in their journey to success through financial sponsorship, mentorship or employment opportunities.