We are extremely impressed with the progress we have seen in individuals we have assisted. Here are some of the testimonials describing the impact that has been made in their lives.

Meet Nqubuka Moses

Nqubuka Moses and his wife Zuziwe came to The Wellness Centre Trust a couple of months ago. Both of them were jobless. They registered with The Wellness Centre and completed the Life skills, Crochet and Sewing courses through our partner Grace Aid. As part of the program with The Wellness Centre they also participated in the discipleship which involved vision board, budgeting and other biblical principles. Zuziwe graduated from our Wellness Centre cooking course with Chef Debbie Wareham. The Wellness Centre Trust has continued to assist the Nqubuka family. Moses and Zuziwe are under the mentorship of Edwin Briggeman to set up their own business so the cycle of poverty can be broken in their life and their children can enjoy a family with a hope and a future. To uplift them, The Wellness Centre Trust also assist them with the starter pack (all basics needed for household).

Moses testimony: “I am Nqubuka Moses. I have a testimony to tell. Almost a year and half, my wife Zuziwe Prudence and I were not working. We put CVs everywhere in different companies and places no one phoned us for interview. But one day, on Sunday, we went to town to look for jobs and went to Sun Coast Casino to drop our CVs. On our way back home, we saw people gathered under the trees near Sun Cost Casino. We went to see what they are doing under the trees.  When we arrived, we saw people preaching. Other people they told us they are from The wellness Centre Trust. It is an NPO. They help people from the streets, the homeless. They give them hope. We told them we need job. Two of us my wife and I no one is working. They help us a lot and they prayed for us to get jobs. One of the staff member Franck phoned me to come to take a paper where they were need someone to work for them. I took my CV to The Wellness Centre Trust to the social worker Promise, she emailed it for me and I dropped a CV at the same company as well. That was Friday. Few hours later they phoned me to come on Saturday for interview and I was short listed. The life skills and job readiness I did at Grace Church Riverside helped me a lot at the Interview. On Monday I started to work. God is great. Thank you, The Wellness Centre Trust”.


Nosonto pretty Myaka

We are very proud of Nosonto for what she has achieved. She has started a learnership through Edge Training and was able to save money during and has built a brick house for her mother. She is so diligent and clever.

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Greetings to all my name is Nosonto pretty Myaka , I would like to share what God had done for me ,God had bless me with wellness center because wellness center gave me a learners ship in that learn ship I received a monthly stipend ,all the learners in class were buying new clothes and new cellphones I had to look down and remind myself where I come from that is when I started to save money to buy metriella to build my mother a home because that was my dream , so am so great full to God and to the wellness center Thanks

Nokulunga Mthembu

Nokulunga was sleeping on the grass on the streets opposite Durban Central Police station. Her regular coming  on Sundays outreach and her participation in TWCT choir gave her back hope and strength in life. TWCT assisted her with ID. She got a permanent full time job as a cleaner and is now off the street . Her boyfriend is off the streets as well. They are renting a room and rebuilding their lives. Their lives are completely changed.

Msawenkosi Louis Khanyese

“I am one of the people who is supported by The Wellness Centre. They supported me one of the followings: ID book, clothes and food. They even renew my drivers license. One of the best things they have done is taking me back to school. Right now I am currently studying project management. They teach me respect and how to communicate with God with prayer. They are the best organisation in Durban. They take care of me more than my family. They are the best family I have ever seen. I wish they can continue with the good job they are doing.”

Trevor Thwala

“Maxwell introduced me to TWCT. TWCT family warmly welcomed me and miracles started to happen. I registered with TWCT and gave them my CV. I also registered for the Life skills course Grace Aid through TWCT and attended the three days bible study. They got me a job in a company in Merebank and later on the company moved to Mount Edge combe. I am permanently employed there. TWCT didn’t stop there; they provided me with the bus fare for the first month, rent because I was sharing a shack (room) with four other guys. TWCT provided me with a starter pack: bed,stove, kettle, pots, cutleries, clothes, bedding, groceries. They visited me at my work  to check my working conditions and how I was doing as if I was their family member.

Currently, I am permanently working. I am doing business course module 1 & 2 and another training in addiction recovery support. I thank TWCT together with Grace Family Church and Grace Aid for helping me. I wish God to provide them with many blessings. I also wish them all the good and they must not stop helping the destitute people because they are changing people’s lives physically and spiritually.”

Ntombizakhe Mnikwa

When Ntombizakhe Mnikwa  first came to The Wellness Centre Trust in 2014, she did not have an Identity Document and was unable to seek employment. She has since received her ID and attends the weekly gatherings on Sundays. With her identity document, she has been able to find temporary work and she is now waiting to receive her children’s birth certificates as well. Ntombi enjoys coming to The Wellness Centre Trust meetings as she feels restored and finds hope in the messages that are shared and a sense of belonging she experiences with the other people.

Jerome Ntshamba

Jerome came on the streets after losing his job. TWCT sponsored his ID and his training (course, transport, accommodation, food & clothes) as a forklift  driver. He got his certificate with 96%. TWCT reunited him with his family and advised him to go back to his ex-boss to show him how he improved his life and he is a change person. His boss re-employed and promoted him with some advantages ( free accomodation and meal) which he didn’t have before. He is so happy and doing very well. His boss is proud of him. TWCT is very proud of Jerome as well.


Vemsile Mchune

“The Wellness Centre help me with an ID and English Course. They took me to do some skills development. I was doing sewing and sewing helped me a lot because I am able to sew and sell the stuff to the people. With that money now it help me to move away from street now I’ve got my own place to stay. I’m no longer on the street. Thank you so much Wellness Centre, God Bless!”