Newsletter January-February 2017

Posted on: September 20, 2017
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On Sunday, the 19th of February, we celebrated our third anniversary! As we look back over the past three years, we are grateful to see the Hand of God over The Wellness Centre Trust. Our beneficiaries, including men, women and children, celebrated with our volunteers, staff and partners. It was also the formal launch of The Wellness Centre Trust Choir as they entertained and blessed us with songs of praise. No birthday celebration is complete without cake and there was a festive atmosphere as we indulged in some delicious cupcakes. We are grateful to each and every person who has contributed through time, finances, prayer and support towards the continued growth and development of The Wellness Centre Trust. This is only the beginning of even greater things to come!

31 Club Plumbing Graduates

We received funding from 31 Club for Artisan Skills Development Training in Basic Plumbing and on the 15th of January, five of these homeless men started the 2-week in-service training at the S.A. Plumbing Trade School. These men passed with exceptional workmanship and skills training and are now ready to re-enter the workplace and start building up their lives again. All five were presented with their certificates at a special Graduation Ceremony held on 15 February 2017 at Grace Family Church Riverside.

We kindly request any assistance you may be able to offer for an internship employment of one or more of these gentlemen so that he/they can continue learning and building on their plumbing career/s as well as to start earning an income and break the cycle of unemployment they face every day.

Thank you to 31 Club for your continued support and investment in the skills development of our beneficiaries!


Ntombizakhe Mnikwa
The Wellness Center Trust started to work with her at the Bird Park Riverside in 2014. We assisted her in obtaining her birth certificate and ID card. We also assisted her with the application and getting the birth certificates and social grants for her 2 young children in 2016. We were able to find a school for her children and where privileged to have been able to pay for the school fees, lift club and their uniforms. They are currently attending Columbia Primary School in Greenwood Park.

Mathenjwa Mpakamiseni Salos
The Wellness Center Trust took him to SASSA, but he couldn’t receive his grant because someone else was using his ID number to collect the grant. He received 3 months’ relief grants while the SASSA was working on his case and afterwards was able to obtain his Old Age Grant.

Sylvia Mkhize
The Wellness Center Trust assisted to get her ID and she also obtained her Old Age Grant.

Sosibo Samkelisiwe
While living on the streets in Overport, she fell pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl. The Wellness Center Trust received donations of baby products and clothes for Sosibo and we were able to reunite her with her cousin and aunt in Inanda, ensuring that she would receive proper support and care.

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