The Kenville Project

Living conditions are horrendous for the people living in Kenville . Some have lived here for over 25 years.

The main issues we would like to address:

• Sanitation – The lack of safe clean toilets
• Illegal Electrical connections
• Lack of Waste removal
• The need for Streetlights in the community
• To Provide a community Center

The area

The Kenville area is in Ward 34 eThekwini Municipality. The part of Kenville we are addressing is closest to Smithfield Road and Gum Tree Road

Sanitation & Water

There are no toilettes in Kenville, just a makeshift box. Septic tank toilettes are very costly to maintain with over 500 people living in this area that is not a solution. We are developing a toilet that would work for the Kenville area.

There are also minimal taps which families have to share to get water to drink, wash clothes, cook and bath with.


At the moment there are no skips for the rubbish to be placed in and no waste removal from the Municipality

This results in the people burning their own waste which is a risk for shack fires, air pollution and dangerous for the children running around.

The waste that is thrown in and around the living areas and on the side of the road results in :

  • Soil contamination
  • Air contamination
  • Water contamination
  • Bad impact on human health
  • Impact on animals
  • Disease carrying pests

Community Centre

We would like to build a Community Centre so that these vulnerable children have a safe place to do homework and have supervised after care. This will decrease idle time for them, keep them safe and help them to do better at school due to supervision and assistance with their homework.

We have identified a flat space that will be suitable for the Community Centre. There is also enough flat land for the children to play soccer outdoors.