First meeting

Posted on: June 30, 2018
Category: Comfort Xolani Dlamini

When we first met Comfort: The Wellness Centre assisted him with an ID card

His background is:

Dlamini Xolani, 35 years old, has been living on the streets since 2014. His mother passed away in 2007 and he never met his father. He dropped out of school at grade 11 because there was no support. He has a 8 year old son whom stays with his grandmother at the farm. She tries to support him with her pension money.

Dlamini started coming to us a while ago and we assisted him with getting an ID card. Now, we would like to help him in getting his Welding Certificate. He already knows how to weld but he doesn’t have a certificate. Whenever he gets a job, he doesn’t get paid properly. Therefore he would like to follow the course: M.I.G. Welding/CO2 Structural Level (Registered)
It is a 10 day course, where he will learn welding of carbon steel work pieces using M.I.G. CO2 in all positions. The course costs R4650.

With his diploma he will be able to get a proper job and a better income and hopefully look after his son.
We know it is quite a lot of money, but we are hoping that if everybody would like to donate a small amount, we will be able to let Dlamini participate in the course and give him a better future.

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